Let’s get started

Having had two Raspberry Pi(s) for some time, I thought it was time to put down some thoughts on what I’ve been doing with them. They are great fun to use, and complement well my previous interest in using Lego Mindstorms kits, the results of which can be seen here.

Both my Pi are model B but the early versions with only 256Mb of RAM. So far this has not been a problem, but I may get a 512Mb model later. I have played with various distributions. One of the great things about the Pi is being able to change the SD card so easily and switch from one distribution to another. Thus one minute it is an XBMC system, the next a Wireless Access Point, and the next (my latest project) a WiFi to ethernet adaptor to allow my TV to connect to the internet via my ADSL Wireless Router. Along the way I have had a play with breadboards and programming the GPIO, and one novel feature is the pink case on the Pi shown in the photo which is produced on a 3D printer at the School where I used to work.

I think my first technical post will be to describe the TV WiFi adaptor which I have just finished. I’d better make a start on writing it up!

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