Setting up Wireless motion-detect cam

Today I have been experimenting with the Rasperry Pi camera board, and setting it up with a wireless connection as a motion detect surveillance camera with my Synology NAS surveillance module.

I used an excellent article by dozencrows here as the basis, and added the code to the wifi-ethernet router raspberry pi I discussed a couple of days ago. This has a fixed wifi address which is ideal as a server to send video to the Synology module, although it will equally work just for viewing by any computer on my local network with a suitable browser.

For now, here are some pictures showing the output from the completed project in the Synology module, and the camera itself. I’ll add a write up later.

Project write up now added here

The configuration screen for the Synology modulepi-cam1

The live display from the Synology module

The Raspberry Pi with a lego mounted camera boardpi-cam3


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