Sounding Off – Still Gestating!

Well I had hope to have this project published by now, but it has developed into something much bigger than I at first envisaged. I have had the programs running for a week now, but have been doing copious testing and revising to try and get them as robust as possible.

The topic covers a wide range. Getting to grips with lilypond, the music engraver program.

Looking at the 12 tone tune and seeing how to add randomly generated rhythms to it, whilst still retaining the 3/4 structure. Dealing with some of the sound issues on the Pi. Looking at how GUI programs can be launched remotely via an ssh terminal.

Then extending the project so that the music files generated on the Pi can be transferred to a Mac, where, under the control of the Pi they are launched and played.

There remain a couple of rough edges I would like to smooth out, and tgeh write up looks like having to be rather large, so I may publish it in installments, but it is gestating well!


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