Peterborough Raspberry Jam

Just back from the Peterborough Raspberry Jam held today. A great occasion which I enjoyed. Thanks to Mike Mills for all his hard work in organising the event.

For my sins, I spoke about the Pi and Music, and gave demos of the Sounding Off articles (entitled a Musical 12 tone alarm for the Raspberry Pi parts 1-4 on the project pages ) and also the Musical Dice Game (see Post)  and using Sonic-Pi (see post). All the Sonic_Pi programs I have written can be downloaded here. I also gave a short talk on using the PiRingo board with ScratchGpio.

If you were there and want more details, or if you missed it, you can find all the details and download links on this site. The PiRingo programs I used can be downloaded here There is a post about PiRingo here

Please note there is a bug in ScratchGpio5 when used with PiRingo which is corrected in ScratchGpio5dev which you can download from
f you already have version 4 that works OK.


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