Sonic Pi 2 tutorials

I hope to add various snippets which I hope will be of interest to those using Sonic Pi 2. To kick off, I have written a brief tutorial about using chords with Sonic Pi 2, and also tow files, one showing how to generate a wolf whistle, and the other a rather off-beat use of Sonic Pi 2 in which it takes a text string, and converts it to morse code which it then plays. I developed this for two reasons, One I am a radio amateur (call sign G3VZL) and secondly as it was a good exercise to combine the use of standard sonic-pi commands with some Ruby code which manipulates strings, and also utilises the case statement which enables code to be selected depending upon the value of a variable. This is used to parse and deal with the characters in the text string which is to be sent.

The tutorial files are here Rather an eclectic mix! Initially one tutorial and 3 program files.  I hope to produce some videos too on youtube later on.

I found the site very useful in developing this program, in particular the section
Before using Sonic Pi I had not used the Ruby language at all, and I have found it interesting and constructive to explore it, particularly the section on using arrays (or lists).

I hope you will find this enjoyable too!


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