Three Beatles Songs for Sonic Pi 2

I have just added three Beatles Songs, Eleanor Rigby, Penny Lane and When I’m SixtyFour transcribed for Sonic Pi 2.

You can find them here

These are reworkings of transcriptions I originally did for Sonic Pi 1. The first versions used numbers for note values, and the synchronisation of the parts did not work well. These second versions uses symbolic notation for the notes, and the sync of the parts is perfect. This was developed before I had started to experiment with changing the dynamics of notes, so the volume is constant throughout, but I have added a little reverb which makes it sound a bit more alive. The playarray procedure is responsible for playing the notes which are stored in arrays, with corresponding arrays containing the durations of the notes. Each verse is defined in a section, which plays the three parts Right Hand, Left Hand and Bass together utilising Sonic Pi threads. You can also turn off print output in the Prefs which can improve performance. If you still have problems with the song breaking up you can use the set_sched_ahead_time! command to allow Sonic Pi to process the code before it starts to play: eg set_sched_ahead_time! 4 would make it wait 4 seconds before playing, whist it processes the commands.
NB if you do this the delay remains in force until you restart Sonic Pi or allocate a new time by reusing the command, with a shorter time delay.

I hope you enjoy these, More pieces will be added soon.


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