Grand Piano voices (two of them!) finalised for Sonic Pi 2

I have now managed to complete the work on setting up a sample-based Grand Piano voice for Sonic Pi 2. The sample base (Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra – SSO) contained two sets of samples, one for a piano being played forte, and one for it being played softly piano, so I have catered for both (currently you select one or the other in the program).
Previously I was having difficulty with the tuning of the samples, but I have now used a different method which gives perfect tuning across the entire 7 octave range. An associated article here explains how things are set up, and includes a base program with which you can play with the sample voices and try out your own programs, and four completed works utilising the voices which I have reworked from previous pieces set up to use the built in synths in Sonic Pi 2.

To whet your appetite, recordings of a Raspberry Pi playing these with SonicPi 2 are below.

Bach Minuet in G

Bach Prelude in C

Scott Joplin Maple Leaf Rag (without the trio section)

That’s the lot for just now, as other commitments will prevent me working on Sonic Pi during the coming week.


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