Nice to be back…and writing for Sonic Pi again

Yours truly on a camel just after dawn!

Just had two weeks in Morocco. Great country, and scenery. I did miss Sonic Pi though, and it’s nice to be back and using it again. This afternoon I have been exploring creating new samples using Sonic Pi and then incorporating these in other Sonic-Programs. I had a play with some live_loops and created quite a nice sound involving some c minor scales. I used three different synths and used Sonic Pi to record the sounds played. The repetitive sound sequences lasted four seconds, and I used the open-source audio editor Audacity to accurately trim the three samples to four seconds each. I then started a second Sonic Pi program which used these three samples as source material overlaying them with a slight delay between each one, and then repeating the overlay with the samples played in reverse. The whole cycle was repeated seven times in a thread, and the system volume was controlled so that the sound faded in smoothly over 12 seconds and faded out at the end of the sequence during the final 12 seconds. I liked the final effect, and I hope that you do too.

Unfortunately the program is a bit too taxing to work 100% on the Raspberry Pi, but it goes ok on a Mac. (and should be ok on a Linux Box or with SP on Windows)

A recording of the completed piece is here

Listings of the two programs together with download links, and links to the samples are here

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