Covent Garden Pi Jam

I spent last week preparing for the Pi Jam in Covent Garden, which I attended with my Grandchildren and their parents last Saturday, 29th November. It was great to see so many families there and the interest they had in learning about all things Pi. I did a demo on Sonic Pi, starting with play 60 and developing to build a Frere Jaques round, and also playing some of my other Sonic Pi stuff. I currently spend most of my Pi time using Sonic Pi, but I do also occasionally delve into other areas, and I also took down a PiLite, a PiRingo Board and a HapPi-Robot, all connected to a different Pi. I set up a local wifi network with an old WiFi router I had, and controlled the Happi Robot from my iPad using Xrdp on the Pi and PocketCloud on the iPad. The robot was controlled using Scratch and GPIO Scratch plus. The PiLite ran a ticker tape style welcome message set up to autoboot when the Pi was switched on. I also used an apple Tv  to project the iPad screen via airplay.  I really enjoyed the afternoon. Well done to young Shaun who took over my Pi and then wrote his own cool piece for Sonic-Pi using it.

Thanks to Frank Thomas-Hockey for organising everything…and to the boys and girls supplying tea!

Here are some photos.


Looking at Sonic-Pi20141202-221126-Photo

More Sonic-Pi20141202-221134-Photo

The Scratch program to control the HapPi-Robot20141202-221136-Photo

The HapPi-Robot


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