Further work on Bass Sounds sample voices for Sonic Pi

I have done some further work on the sample based Bass Sounds voicves for Sonic Pi today. I added a function to play chords using the voices, which now give the aiblit to do the following.

play a sample based note using:
play a list of notes and a corresponding list of durations using:
plarray(samplename,noteslist,durationlist,shift,volume,pan)   where shift is transpose in semitones

play a chord using:

transpose a note using tr(note,shift) can be used with pl if required

All of the functions can accept notes as numeric or symbolic entries

I have also included two functions inv1 and inv2 to produce the first and second inversions of a triad chord

The new code sets up some chords and also plays Frere Jaques as a four part round, using different voices. The example runs three times at different volume and shift (transpose) settings.

You can hear the results on soundcloud here

you can find the code in a gist here


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