Flight of The Bumble Bee code for Sonic Pi 2 posted


Some time ago I published a video which had a Sonic Pi version of Flight of the Bumble Bee as sound track. I said at the time that the code needed tidying up a bit before I would publish it. One of the problems was that it was rather large, and I had problems getting it to run on a Mac, and it was rather taxing on the resources of the Raspberry Pi. Having discovered that is was possible to link workspaces together using the cue and sync system I have now revised the code and have a version that works on Raspberry Pi, Mac and PC, although there is one aspect which doesn’t work on the PC (current version 2.1.1), but will when the next PC version 2.3 is released. However the program can be amended to work round this as described in the instructions.

The program files, and an instructions file to get it going can be downloaded from my gist site here

The score arrangement I use was written by Bernard Dewagetere and is used with his permission. You can see it here

Here is a link to the previously posted video of the piece, produced by Sonic Pi


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