How to build the latest version of Sonic Pi

github-logo-80px sonic-pi-web-logo

I regularly build copies of the latest version of Sonic Pi on my Mac and also on a Raspberry Pi and on another computer running Ubuntu Linux. When I first started to do this I found the whole process rather bewildering and quite tricky to get right, especially as initially there were not very good instructions on to how to do it. I thought it would be a good idea to go through this in an article in a step by step process on the Raspberry Pi, in the hope that others too would have a go at building their own cutting edge version of Raspberry Pi. New features are introduced between each version and bugs that may have appeared are corrected. Doing this means that you can access these features before they are available on general release. The new version can coexist quite happily with the official latest release. In a way the article is superflous as the Sonic-Pi site cotains an file with details of what to do. However this is fairly brief and I hope that my article pads this out and gives reassurance along the way. I hope that you find it useful.
The article can be found here


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