Guilty of neglect!

I suddenly realised that I have not posted her for several weeks! Life has been very busy, but I have not given up on either Raspberry Pi or Sonic Pi in particular. Things seem to have got in the way of writing though. There has been an new Raspberry Pi distribution (Jessie) released, and this created quite a lot of work for me. First, for some time now I have been trying to get my iQAudio Dac+ card to work with Sonic Pi. I am happy to say that this is now possible on the new distribution, which enabled jackd to work with the card. I have developed a small patch for Sonic Pi which enables me to switch from using the IQAudio card or the built in Audio on the Pi, using the new Audio Device Settings Preference setting in the new distribution. I hope that based on this something will be incorporated into Sonic Pi officially in a future version. I will try to write this up for others in the same situation.

Secondly, on the Sonic Pi front, version 2.7 broke the command line interface written by Nick Johnstone, and I have relied on it fairly heavily in some of my programs. Happily this is now resolved,, and there are two versions of the relevant gem file. Use version 0.0.3 for Sonic Pi up to and including version 2.6 and version 0.0.4 for later versions.

With the coming of Jessie, which coincided with the release of Sonic Pi version 2.7, various wrinkles emerged many of which have now been resolved in version 2.8dev, but this has meant having to maintain several versions at once on my various pis,to keep abreast of things. At the same time I have recently acquired a new mackbook, again coiniciding with the release of a new OSX operating system, and that has introduced a further wadge of work. I have kept this on Yosemite whilst upgrading my iMac to El Capitan, where several interesitng problems have arisen,not least with some features of Sonic Pi. As a glutton for punishment, I have also been trying out building Sonic Pi on El Capitan with Qt5.5 instead of the Qt5.4 currently used, and am investigating how this is working.

Finally I have let myself in for talking about Sonic Pi this Thursday in Colchester, and am desperately trying to get various demos (re)working on a variety of PIs and Macs. I’ve taken a 10 minute break to write this, while I recompile my telegram-cli which has developed a problem!

So I am alive and kicking! Hopefully some further posts will occur here before too long.

In the meantime, I have been posting some further Sonic Pi programs on SoundCloud with links to gists where you can download them.