PS3 controlled Edukit robot


Edukit 3 robot kit, revamped with 4Tronix picon zero board and python program to control it with a ps3 wireless controller. The pizero has the dongle for the ps3 controller in its single usb port, and is arranged to boot automatically into the python program driving the robot. A red led lights when the system is ready for action. The left hand joystick is sensed and used to control the motor speed and direction. A button on the controller is sensed to initiate shutdown when finished, so the whole process is automatic and doesn’t require any keyboard, mouse or screen. software is availabe for download at:

video of the robot in operation is here

Colour mixing project

IMG_4567This project uses a three colour led mounted on a RasPiO Pro Hat connected to a Pi and controlled by a ps3 wireless controller to explore colour mixing. Includes full write up, program download and video link. Read all about it here