A TouchOSC JukeBox for SonicPi

I have been working on a project to produce a TouchOSC driven jukebox program for Sonic Pi, so that I can run it headless.

I have made a video of the project which you can see here

There is a full article including links to the code which is here

1 thought on “A TouchOSC JukeBox for SonicPi

  1. Hello Robin. Yet another tour de force, well done and many thanks.
    I attend the Manchester Raspberry Jam where we have jammers of all ages and expertise and I am looking at the feasibility of creating a Sonic Pi band as a collaborative project in the autumn series of Jams. The aim is to try and set it up with numerous people coding and playing at the same time and not just as it seems to have been thus far with a single coding maestro controlling everything. This might even expand to being an online band.
    In terms of kit I have access to a Pi Sound (midi keyboard etc), Piano Hat, a Drum Hat, a Pi Cap (capacitive touch and electronic paint), RFID tags/readers and numerous RPis and Pizero Ws which can be networked. Pythonosc seems to be the way to go but synchronising the various inputs is likely to be a challenge. Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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