HDMIPi video of the construction of a lego support for the monitor

hdmipi stand

Yesterday was a bit of a red letter day for me. The long awaited Kickstarter pledged HDMIPi monitor kit arrived, as also, earlier than expected, did an iPhone 6 pre-ordered from Apple. As you can imagine the day was quite busy. Setting up the iPhone, configuring my old iPhone 4 for my Wife to use, working out how to transfer her contacts from an even older pre-“smart” Nokia phone to the iPhone 4, changing all the numbers over, and….finding time to assemble the HDMIPi. I had already watched Alex Eames’ splendid Assembly Guide video, and although I didn’t have his white gloves, I did have a nice lint free cloth supplied with the screen film guard that I had got for the iPhone!
I decided not to include a Raspberry Pi inside the monitor structure, as I have more than one, and would like to use the monitor with different ones at different times. I had not made one of the top-end pledges for the HDMIPi and so did not have a monitor stand supplied in the kit, so having quite a lot of technical Lego (Mindstorms is another of my interests) I decided to design and build a Lego stand for it. I am quite pleased with the result, which is robust, very easy to fit, and does the job nicely. I think that it may of interest to others wanting to get a suitable stand, so I decided to film its construction using the new iPhone 6 which I have done. I hope that the result gives sufficient information for others to follow suit.
You can see the video here

Off topic….my new Lego blog

Not much updated here recently. Partly because I have been spending some time with one of my other interests….Technical Lego. I recently acquired one of the new EV3 sets, and I have started another blog Lego-ev3 rbn which currently details one of the small projects I have undertaken. You may care to look at it too.