Midi File Player for Sonic Pi

Midi player on Pi4

I have recently added an article to the site detailing a program which enables Sonic Pi to play Midi Files. There are two versions: one uses a TouchOSC interface running on a table ort phone to control the process, the other simpler one works directly, but you have to specify synths in advance.

Full details are here

Sonic Pi, Helm Synth, TouchOSC combined

My latest article describes how to control the Helm Synth from Sonic Pi with the aid of a TouchOSC template running on a tablet. The software is described and can be downloaded, and there is a video of the system in operation.

Read more here

Sonic Pi controls Spirograph – version 2

I have made some changes to version 1 which makes the program more flexible. The main change is that it is now possible to re-run the Sonic Pi program (now named spiroAuto.rb) which will abort the drawing currently in progress and start drawing a new design. This make it possible to change to a new drawing without having to wait for ` drawing to finish.
Also, instead of just having a few pre-chosen drawing parameters in the program, I now generate the parameters at random (with certain constraints), which means that you can continuously call up new designs. Thirdly I have added an option which changes the plot colour of a drawing to a random value at periodic intervals while it is drawing. This is set to a fairly low probability by line 34 in the spiroAuto.rb program


To adjust the probability simply change the section


to give change the ratio of “true” to “false”. e.g. changing the overall line to


would give equal probability to random colour changes or fixed colour drawing.(random when true, fixed when false). Similarly you could give a larger selection of fixed colours in the first part of the list if you wish.

To make the program easier to install, I have put the code into a repository in github at
From there you can download the repository to your computer, and set it up ready to go following the instructions in the READMEforSonicPi.md file

A video of the new program in action can be found here