Time of Flight Laser Sensor Theremin for Sonic Pi

I have just completed a project to produce a new Theremin for Sonic Pi, using a new Time of Flight laser sensor breakout board with a Raspberry Pi 3. The performance is far superior to the previous version I did using an Ultrasound Sensor.

A full article giving details of the project with links to a video and all the software resources is available here.


Sonic Pi Glockenspiel MkII

I have just completed and published a second version of my Sonic Pi driven Glockenspiel

This version uses overhead hammers, and is more adaptable to work with a wider range of Glockenspiels. I set it up with a Plus Percussion PP1130 13 note Glockenspiel, which also has the facility to change certain notes so that it can play in C major, F major or G major. The article I have written contains constructional photos full circuit and software details and a link to a video of the working system.

Article is here

A Sonic Pi controlled Glockenspiel

I have created a Sonic Pi controlled Glockenspiel which runs on a Raspberry Pi3. It is controlled by means of a series of solenoids with Lego hammers, and interfaces to the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.

Full constructional details, plus software are contained in an article which can be found here.

New mark II version with overhead hammers is here

Listen to a specimen piece played by the Glockenspiel here

Sonic Pi 3 Player /Recorder version 1.2

Now released version 1.2 of my Player ?recorder for Sonic Pi 3 utilising a TouchOSC interface. This has expanded considerably since version 1, but as a result is now is not suitable for use on a Pi3. Also, as the program has increased in length it now needs to be run using the run_file command from a text file.(.rb)

Full details of the interface and usage are contained in a page here including a link to the code.