Jukebox script for playing Sonic Pi files on your Pi or Mac

This project came out of my previous one to control Sonic Pi via my Mobile Phone using Telegram. Since I have quite a large repertoire of Sonic Pi tunes I have found it very convenient to use this script to access and play them, without having to open them in a text editor and copy and paste the contents into a workspace first.

You need to have Sonic Pi running, and an open terminal window in which to run the Ruby script jukebox.rb

The script makes use of Nick Johnstone’s excellent Sonic Pi command line interface.

It has configurable path variables which point to the desired folders containing the Sonic Pi files to play, a samples directory for any user defined samples required, and to a folder which can contain subfolders of linked files, where each file uses Sonic Pi cue and sync commands to start the next one playing. A final path variable points to the installed location of the sonic_pi command line interface binary which will be different on a Pi or Mac.

Full installation details are here


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